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Canada West goes to final after overtime thriller vs Czech U16s

30. 6. 2018 | Derek O´Brien
The last game of the group stage played in Zlín featured a game between the Czech Republic and the Canada West. On the lie was a trip to the final for the winner and a bronze-medal game for the loser. Canada led 4-2 early in the second period, but the Czechs battled back to lead by a goal after two periods. The teams went back and forth all night, with Kaidan Johnson´s overtime goal finally sending the Canadians to the final.


Czech Republic coach: "Great game. Huge twists and turns to the end. It is hard to blame anyone, because at such a pace and energy, mistakes are made. I feel bad for the guys, but they have a lot to be proud of. They played well but were just a bit unlucky."

Canada Coach: "Unreal. Big thanks to the Czech country and the city of Zlín, where this great game took place. It was a great experience for us. An amazing game was played and we are extremely happy to have played it. The Czechs will surely win the bronze; they are an excellent team. We are missing just one step on which we are ready to go."