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Canadians pay tribute to victims of Humboldt tragedy

2. 7. 2018 | Vojtech Jurak, David Simon
Members of both Canadian teams, East and West, met on the floor after the gold medal game to honour their former teammate Logan Schatz and others who passed away during the tragic accident involving the Humboldt Broncos junior ice hockey team.

The players and other members of the team formed a circle, knelt down in silence and paid tribute to Schatz. He was the captain of Broncos and just as some of his teammates, he also played ball hockey. He represented his country as a part of both the junior and men’s national teams.

“Everyone knows we’ve dedicated this roster to Logan Schatz from the Humboldt accident. He was one of our Team Canada boys. And we just want to let everybody know that that was the biggest piece that was driving our team,” said the coach of Canada West after the gold medal game.

So although the whole team fully enjoyed the big tournament triumph, nobody forgot about the former mate. “We had a motto of the 5 D’s – dedication, desire, discipline, drive and determination. That’s what brought us through this tournament. And you guys, the whole tournament was very classy, the referees were amazing, the coaches, the other players… it was very classy! It was the best tournament ever.”