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Accompanying program

The following events will take place as part of the accompanying program:
  • Project Adopt Your Team for schools
  • 30.6 in Zlín at 10:00 and 16:00 – two games between the U14 teams of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • 1.7 in Přerov at 9:00 – historic first game of local U16 girls' team
  • For coaches: a pair of seminars focused on international ball hockey, 29.6 in Zlín, 20:00 game, U16 Czech Rep vs USA – registration and 30.6 in Přerov, 17:00 game, U20 Czech Rep vs Canada registration
  • Just like at last year's World Championship in Pardubice, you can order a Czech national team jersey personalized with name and number. The order can be made in the booking system. jersey shorts