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About the championship

For four days, the Czech Republic will be the site of the best youth ball hockey in the world. From 28 June to 1 July, boys' and girls' national teams from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, the USA, Great Britain, Poland and Switzerland will compete in Přerov and Zlín.

The Czech Republic has hosted similar events on three previous occasions over the last eighteen years. This time, the Junior World Cup will not only include a U16 tournament but also, for the first time in the history, a U20 category as well.

Women's teams from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, the United States and Great Britain will be seen in Přerov, where group-stage games from boys tournaments will also take place. Boys' teams in Přerov include Slovakia, Great Britain, Canada East, USA Red and Czech Republic U15.

Zlín will host the boys' group that includes Czech Republic U16, Canada West, USA Blue, Switzerland and Poland, as well as the boys' medal games.

Two great sporting venues – PSG Aréna Zlín and Zimní stadion Přerov – will be the scenes for this prestigious ball hockey event, which promises some excellent games. The Junior World Cup will be held under the auspices of both host cities and the Zlín and Olomouc regions.

The two championships will be accompanied by a full program of other events, including a couple of exhibition games between the U14 teams of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.