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Second period mastery gets USA Red 5-2 win

30. 6. 2018 | David Sokol
The last game of men´s tournament and the Friday´s programme was a duel between the Czech U15 team and USA Red. The game featured an amazing tempo from its first moments, with both teams giving it all they could. The Czechs were great all around, and thanks to that they took the lead before the first break. But the Americans absolutely dominated the middle period, turned the game around, and finished with a 5-2 win.


Coach of Czech U15: We´re really disappointed, it was a tough game. It was similar to the game with Canada, unfortunately, we were missing luck, we put the last goal into our empty net. But the boys have nothing to be ashamed of, they´re heroes to us, they played a great match.

Coach of USA Red: The boys came out hard, and played a very good and talented team today. We let two shorthanded goals, but the kids didn´t give up, fought hard, and played well. It was a very good game.